About Us

Given the current situation of today’s technology; computers, smartphones, the internet and social media is actively used in every moment and every aspect of our daily and business lives, so the security of these environments and the data circulating within these environments are also very important.

In the globalized world, data has become the most powerful tool and the most valuable corporate asset to be protected in order to ensure the continuity of the companies and to provide sectoral competitive advantages.

In this respect, using its deep experience of many years in different sectors such as security of companies’ information technology infrastructures, corporate applications, corporate data and processes, Sibertime aims to secure companies from start to finish by providing information security and cyber security services in line with the local and global information security legislation and standards. Senior advisors at Sibertime have more than 10 years of experience in the sector, and they serve both local and global companies in different sectors.

Our Vision and Mission


In the presentation of our services related to all consultancy, audit, training and security tests given in relation to information security and cyber safety;

• Create difference with new viewpoints and approaches;

• Leading the sector

• Being a reputable organization of Turkey.


Our Mission is to present in the best way all services required for establishing the structures that will enable information security and cyber safety technologies and processes to be manageable in organizations and institutions of any size;

Continuously improve our service quality to meet the demands and expectations of our customers at the most advanced level, and guarantee customer loyalty;

Create innovative ideas in order to easily realize information safety management and put these ideas into life with R&D works.

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Our Quality & Information Security Policy

Quality Policy;

To have an understanding that will fully meet needs and expectations of our customers in all services;

To provide our customers with most appropriate and most accurate services and solutions;

To be open to innovations and follow the latest technologies, always to seek for the best in order to progress in line with our vision.

Our Information Security Policy

Ensure compliance with conditions envisaged by laws, regulations and globally recognized best practices and standards in the field of Information Security;

Take all security measures required for ensuring confidentiality and integrity of data obtained from customers;

Carry out continuous improvement works in order to keep the information security level of the company up to date.