Penetration Test

Institutions and organizations use computer network regardless of the sector in which they operate. This computer network needs to be managed with a certain discipline. Sibertime, which has been performing advanced level security consultancy, is a solution partners against any threats that could come to network within the body of the company. We think that a network which is not equipped with security software, looks like a door with broken lock. Sibertime, which believes that a computer network should be monitored by an external eye, that any problems that occur on the network are remedied, reported and controlled, thinks that any errors in the media could only be identified in this manner and a high majority of products commercially known in the market fulfill this function and is aware of the fact that monitoring and management of a computer network could only be guarantees by purchasing such types of software. Considering this situation as a whole, the “security” is a professional teamwork. Together with our experienced staff, we believe in the necessity of being a solution partner for ensuring information security, and we maintain our actions towards this aim.


SİBERTIME is using the following frame and standard reference for penatration tests and vulnerability assessment:

BDDK Compliance
EPDK Compliance
PCI-DSS Compliance
KVKK Compliance

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In contrast to Sibertime’s standardized services with more than 10 years experienced consultant, supervisor and technical staff in more than 15 sectors, it provides manageable and value added services by creating custom projects for customers.

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