Information Security Management System

ISO 27001 is an international standard and involves a quality based approach that enables protection of information, which is the most valuable asset of your company. Holding ISO 27001 certificate is a document that your company follows the best application in terms of information security at the international platform. This document is an undisputable evidence that your company is managed in line with business targets and also your information security is ensured in the most accurate manner through an independent and expert application. We as Sibertime LTD. provide ISO 270001 standard in order to enable you to operate and save your information, which have the greatest importance for your company, in a legal way so as to satisfy the needs of your company.

ISO 27001 certification is the most valid document through which an organization identifies and puts into implementation the information security processes, and is a trust that you organization declares towards your existing and potential customers. ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard that identifies Information Security Management System requirements. Cyber attacks are detailed systems that involve a series of policies and procedures that manage information risks such as hackers, data infiltrations or theft.

What are the values that ISO 27001 certificate will grant to you organization?

Establish new business connections and protect your existing customers

ISO 27001 certificate draws the attention to the quality of security applications that you use. Thus whereas it helps you develop your business relations and protect your existing customers, it also provides you with a proven market advantage against your competitors.

Avoid financial fines and losses related to data violations

According to IBM, it is estimated that the cost of data violation is around 3.79 million USD. While ISO 27001 is a recognized global criteria for effective management of information assets, it enabled the organizations to avoid fines with high costs as a result of financial losses that arise from data violations and failure to comply with data protection requirements.

Protect and develop your reputation

The volume and power of cyber attacks increase every day and the financial and reputational damage that an ineffective information security standing could cause may be lethal. Implementation of an ISO 27001 certified information security system will help your organization protect against such type of threats and demonstrate that you take relevant steps for protecting your enterprise.

Comply with legal rules and requirements

ISO 270001 is designed for selecting the appropriate and proportional security controls that help protect the information in accordance with legal requirements that everyday become more clarified such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), NIS Directive and other cyber security laws.

Develop your structure and focal point

When a business rapidly develops, the possibility to experience a confusion as to who is responsible from which information assets, also grow. ISO 270001 identifies the information risk responsibilities in a clear manner, thus assisting the businesses to be more productive.

Decrease the need for frequent audits

Due to the fact that it is a globally recognized indicator of the efficiency of security, ISO 27001 certificate abolishes the nee for repeated customer audits and decreases the number of external client audit dates.

Acquire an independent opinion about your security standing

ISO 27001 certificate enables regular reviews and internal audits by BGYS in order to ensure continuous improvements by BGYS. Besides, an external auditor will review BGYS at certain intervals in order to identify whether the audits operate for their intended purpose. This independent evaluation provides an expert opinion to the effect that BGYS operates smoothly and relevant security level is ensured for protecting the information of the organization.

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